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(Trinity Alvar Alto Library)

The Trinity’s Alvar Alto Library supports and enhances the educational programs, curriculum development and research activities of the Trinity College of Architecture as an integral component of the Institutes mission to prepare and advance individuals in professional and academic careers concerned with the making of built environments. The Library’s strengths (twentieth- century architecture, city and regional planning, domestic architecture, nineteenth-century, park design and twentieth century landscape design, Humanities, Building Construction and Materials, Theory of Structures, Graphics etc…) are supplemented by subject areas that support past and current curriculum needs. Together with the resources distributed throughout the KJ’s Educational Institutes Libraries, the Trinity’s Alvar Alto Library provides access to a comprehensive collection documenting the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design.

The staff members of the Trinity’s Alvar Alto Library, viz. Librarian Shital Wable and Library Attendant Dattatraya Powar are available to provide guidance and assistance to students. Faculty and independent researchers exploring the collections. At this knowledge destination you will find guides to the services provided by the National Building Code, the Council of Architecture, SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Public Services department, and descriptions of the collections and services in the departments of Visual Resources and Special Collections. We will very soon be catering to all your search needs, whether you are seeking books collected over a century ago or electronic access to the most recent online reference indexes, we are ready to help. We plan to have our in-house Information Technology Group initially processing requests from faculty, staff and students for new IT resources and services, for larger circulation and benefit.

I am pleased to welcome you to the Trinity’s Alvar Alto Library and encourage you to contact me and others on our staff for assistance as you utilize the resources in this extraordinary collection.

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