We the members of KJEI family strive to attain excellence in every activity which we take up. We have a wide spectrum of institutions on our campus ranging from Kinder Garden to Doctoral degree in Engineering & Technology. We invite students, parents and persons from Industry to visit us and see our students perform in academics as well as in extracurricular activities. You can join our family as students, faculty, guest faculty or just as our well-wisher too. You all are most welcome. Please remember academic rigor is our forte !


 Dr. Hemant K. Abhyankar Executive Director, KJEI 

“Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be, 
Your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil” ​


Trinity institute of Management and Research is a part of scenic KJEI Campus. It is facilitated with excellent infrastructure, well equipped modern classrooms, library, computer labs, seminar halls, Sports Center and Play Grounds which are requisites for effective teaching learning process and holistic development of the students. Trinity Institute of Management and Research is an ideal setting for scholastic dedication, fruitful interaction and unbounded pragmatic exploration. 

Mr. Vinod Jadhav 
Managing Director, KJEI 

“Don’t go the way life takes you. 
Take the life the way you go and remember you are born to live 
and not living because you were born” 

Trinity Institute of Management and Research is much sought destination among the students aspiring to enter the management profession. The efforts of Trinity Institute of Management and Research to mould young people into successful managers and responsible citizens of India go far beyond academics alone. With strong Training and Placement team Trinity Institute of Management and Research aspires to be launching pad for many successful managerial careers.

Mrs. Harshada V. Jadhav 
Managing Director, KJEI  

“We have a myriad of young, vibrant and talented minds on this campus and it's vital that they are provided with all the opportunities to a formal education as well as an opportunity to make a difference in the world as a contributing force.” 


That’s what we aim to do and being and educational institute this responsibility is not the end product for us, it’s what we strive for everyday. I believe we all can make difference in this world, but what sets us apart is the kind of difference we choose to make and I’m truly grateful to be able to contribute towards it. 

Miss. Vibhavari Kalyan Jadhav 
Director, KJEI